What Makes Android Phones Better?

By | October 27, 2012

What is an Android phone?

Android is a Linux based operating system for smartphones designed by Android Inc. who at a later date were purchased by Google. Since then it has been developed by Google in association with the Open Handset Alliance.

Android phones are different because Google constantly develops the software and gives it away for free to hardware manufacturers who wish to use the Android technology on their systems.

This has led it to become increasingly popular among developers as they can tweak it to their specific needs. Ever since the release of the technology back in 2008, it has become the world’s leading smartphone platform. Think of it in a similar way to how PC’s run Microsoft Windows as their operating system.

Android Logo

Android Logo

Open Handset Alliance?

The Open Handset Alliance is a group of hardware, soft and telecommunication companies formed by Google with the aim of further contributing to Android technology. The majority of its member’s make money from Android development or services.


Why can several companies use Android?

Due to Android being open source software, it allows manufacturer’s to freely use and tweak it without having to pay. This means the technology can be found on cheap phone models all the way to the high end. However, Android on different manufacturers’ phones will look and feel very different when compared side by side. For example, comparing the appearances of HTC and Samsung versions of Android would make you think that they were two different operating systems.


What about multimedia content?

Officially, there is no iTunes style media content for Android. There are however several third party tools that can enable these features. Android does have the ability to play and store music and video files. This is similar to iTunes and straight forward to use.

Android software is updated several times a year and you can download the latest version designed for your phone without the need to connect to a computer.

Most Android phones have access to the Android Market where you can download various Android apps of which there are up to 600,000. (Apps are just the trendy name for software programs designed to run on mobile phones.


What is Unique about Android Phones?

Android phone’s offer some of the most unique feature’s. For example ‘Face Unlock‘ which uses facial recognition to unlock your device. ‘Android Beam’ is possibly the most innovative tool’s Android has to offer. This enables you to share contacts, photos and such by simply touching two Android devices together. Also, with it being developed by Google it offer’s the majority of Google services and apps. Google Web, Maps and GMail are all pre-installed into all Android phones.


Why are all Android phone’s touchscreen?

Simply put, to use Android requires a touchscreen phone. There is no other way to use an Android phone and without it would make it impossible to use.

Android is an interesting concept for both developer and consumer. Whereas Apple offer restricted hardware and software, Android is the polar opposite. Android opens as much of its operating system as possible in an attempt to find the best and most robust user experience.

One thought on “What Makes Android Phones Better?

  1. Denise Gabbard

    I have a question that maybe you can answer. Which do you think is better– Android JellyBean OS or Windows OS? Looking at a few phones– HTC Titan with Windows or a new Galaxy with JellyBean….cannot decide. For comparison’s sake, my current phone is an HTC Desire, and I LOVE it.


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