The Galaxy Tab finally available for the masses

By | October 27, 2012

Samsung and Apple have been legally battling each other since the South Korean company decided to release their own line of smart phones and tablets. Apple has constantly claimed that Samsung has been stealing technology from their own devices, causing them to lose presence in the market. Apple may want to take Samsung’s Galaxy off the market, because it poses a serious threat to their IPhone and IPad. In fact, the IPhone hasn’t been the best selling smart phone since 2011; Samsung’s own line of smart phones now lead the industry.

Samsung Vs Apple

Samsung Vs Apple

However, Apple has been on the spotlight since they released the IPhone 5 and the iOS6. The issues with Apple Maps have caused a lot of controversy these days. Thousands of users have also filed complaints about how the iOS’s inefficient resource management drains battery life. This August, Samsung lost a lawsuit that caused them to compensate Apple with over 800 million USD. They were also forced to remove their Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the market. Even with all these losses, Samsung maintains its position as the largest manufacturer of electronic devices in the world.

California Judge Lucy Koh has recently lifted a ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The device was only banned in the U.S. The California jury agreed that Samsung did not infringe on Apple’s IPad design patent with its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Yesterday, Judge Koh wrote the following statement: “The public has no interest in enjoining a non-infringing product, and thus any market disruption caused by dissolution would be insignificant compared to Samsung’s interest in restoring its product to market”. Judge Koh approved the Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban in late June. In June, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit remanded a design related patent back to the district court, and ordered Koh to reconsider a ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. She has now accepted, and proceeded to remove the ban.

Samsung needs all the help they can get in this holiday season, since many important companies have launched their own tablets. The Galaxy tab was the IPad’s main rival along with Amazon’s Kindle Fire. This year however, Google and Microsoft have also stepped into the industry by releasing their own pocket sized tabs. Small tablets have been increasing in popularity due to their portability and low prices. Right now, thousands are anticipating the release of the rumored IPad Mini, which may end up dominating the industry like the standard IPad has done since its debut in 2010.

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