Advertise on this site Powered By adBrite – Ads not showing in Adbrite.

By | June 10, 2012

Last week, one of mine friend who is using adBrite ask me a question that whenever he opens his website, he doesn’t see the advertisement and there seems a text in the adBrite box saying “Advertise on this site Powered By adBrite” .

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I make searches on it to go to the root for the problem, Finally I found that it was only because adBrite will not found any related advertisement for website. I told it to my friend but he says that there also something other than it,  thats why a website of 10k traffic show it . I was confused to know that on a website of 10k PR 3 shows that “Advertise on this site Powered By adBrite” .

Adbrite Logo

Adbrite Logo

I applied for adBrite and used it, same problems occurs I made an email to support team of adBrite they reply saying that “adBrite will display an ad when there is an available advertisement that matches your site visitor.  If your site visitor does not match the targeting criteria of an advertiser we will display a house ad that encourages advertisers to purchase the space on your site”

Here many bloggers have a question,  How to earn more with adBrite/Earning tricks Adbrite.

I also contacted adBrite and ask them question how to earn more with adBrite because I found this way helpful than to question in other forum, They reply saying that

To maximize your earnings you will want to attract visitors from the US and Western Europe.  This traffic is in the highest demand and therefore earns the most.  If your site receives traffic from developing countries there will not be strong advertiser demand. This means there will be instances where there are not advertisements available to match your site visitor.  The rate of paid ads displayed to page views is called “ad fill”.  In your case you are having lower fill due to the origin of your traffic.

Some of bloggers made searches on top Adbrite paying keywords to increase their earning, I want to tell them that visitors only click to ads when they found relative advertisement so don’t waste your time .

Hope my this article help many of Bloggers, for further guidelines and questions, comment to us .


7 thoughts on “Advertise on this site Powered By adBrite – Ads not showing in Adbrite.

  1. Ravi Ojha

    Adbrite did same with my site too.. I think we’ve to select a better Category while setting up the Adzone. But how to know what category ads are available to adbrite at the moment.?

    My problem is still unsolved after reading this article. However thanks for some info.

    1. Raja Tahir Qaiser

      According to Research what i Found was you have to choose best category to have related ads in Adbrite, however as I am already using Adbrite , It still doesn’t shows related ads most of the time it shows “Advertise on this site Powered By adBrite – Ads not showing in Adbrite” . So place Best Keywords in the adbrite box while making adzone for the Website/blog . Knowing that Adbrite pays less than Google Adsense I Always preffer other especially Living in Pakistan and India to use Adbrite . You can read more about this .

    2. Raja Tahir Qaiser Post author

      Ravi Ojha,
      Thanks for commenting !
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  2. Mediworm

    I have the same problem with the website It is showing the same advertise on this site, powered by adbrite I heard that they are the best alternative to adsense. Are they really? They are not. My subdomain has a rich keyword section but it is showing the same!

    1. Raja Tahir Qaiser Post author

      Thanks for commenting !
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