How to Increase Page Rank ? – Top 21 Tips

By | November 10, 2012

Page Rank and Alexa Ranking of a blog shows a blog’s value and stats. They are the power of a blog

So they are  given high importance by Webmasters. That’s why every webmaster wishes higher page rank for his website.

Do you know what’s Rage Rank is ?


Simply what’s a Google Page Rank ?

Google Page Rank is a measurement of how popular your website is. You are given a Page Rank  out of 10 where a website with Page Rank 1 is least trusted where as a website with Page Rank 10 is most trusted and popular one.

Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank

How Page Rank is calculated ?

Google decides Page Rank of a website by making an aggregate of

  • Site Design
  • Site Structure
  • Quality of  backinks
  • Inbound Links
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Do-Follow Links
  • No-Follow Links
  • Number of backlinks

After calculation all these ,It is decided which Page Rank would be given to your website.

How to Increase Page Rank ?

The First thing comes in mind after knowing what is Google Page Rank is how to increase Page Rank  .

Well, Every webmaster want’s to get maximum benefit from his blog, So try his best to increase page rank of his blog. Working day in day out he is not sure he will get high Page Rank for his blog or not. So it’s not easy to get a high Page Rank for a blog.

Below are some tips that will help you to increase your blog Page Rank :

1. Submit your blog to Web Directories

One of the best way to get High Quality backlinks is to submit your blog in Web Directories. There are millions of Free and Paid Web Directories avaiable.

Some of Good Free Web Directories :

  • Jayde
  • Dmoz
  • Hotfrog
  • Somuch
  • Searchsight

Some of Good Paid Web Directories :

  • Yahoo Directory
  • Best of the Web
  • UncoverTheNet
  • Business
  • V7N Web Directory

2. Quality Content

In order to increase Page Rank you must have good quality content on your website. Always check for plagiarism before publishing any Guest Post to make sure that article is genuine.

You may be familiar with the quotation “Content is King” .


Quality Content

Quality Content

3. Guest Posting

One of the most popular way to get backlink from a High Page Ranked blog is to write a guest post, In return you will get two to three backlinks from his blog. Some bloggers don’t allow links to other’s blog in the post so you can only provide the link in Author Bio.

*** It’s not as much easy as it seems to write a post and publish.

Guest Post

Guest Post

Remember If you are writing a guest post than you have to meet their requirements .

If you are failed to meet their requirement than your post can be rejected . So write the post as you are writing for your own blog.

4. Link Exchange

Link Exchange

Link Exchange

Link Exchange – One of very common technique used to get backlink from a blog.

Simply what you just have to do is to put a link with proper anchor text to your blog and in return other fellow will also have to do it.

Not only by this way you will get a backlink, but Traffic too  .

5. Domain Age

Google loves aged domains.

So many people register a domain for one year ,Work on it and leave it after one year.

Google trust those domains who are aged and give them a good rank according to their age too.

But unfortunately there is no way to increase domain age . Except to pay before domain expiration date  .

6. Build Link Wheel

Link Wheel

Link Wheel

Building Link Wheel is one of the most advance and powerful technique to build backlinks.

The basic idea of link wheel is to create a pattern of links which flow from one website to another website which would finally link to a targeted website requiring promotion.

So you get powerful backlinks for your blog which helps to increase Page Rank.

7. Update Your Blog Regularly

Always update your blog regularly. But make sure that what you publish is unique and genuine. Google loves those website which updates regularly with unique content.

We can explain it easily in an equation

More love by Google = Good Page Rank

8. Direct Advertising

If you want to increase page rank of your blog than always prefer direct advertising because in this way you get a backlink from a website. Your ad can be in the form of image but will provide you a backlink.

9. Article Submission

If you want to get good page rank than always try to submit each of your post to articles submission directories.

Some of good Article Directory Submissions are :

  • Ideamarketers
  • Articlealley
  • GoArticles
  • SelfSeo
  • EzineArticles
  • Amazines
  • ArticleDashboard
  • AarticlesBase
  • Isnare

10. Comment on others blogs



The simplest way to earn backlinks is to comment on others blog. Some blogs provide us Do follow backlinks which are very healthy nutrition for a blog page rank growth.

So keep commenting on blogs which are giving Do-Follow backlinks.

11. Join Forums

If your are using forums for sharing information ,helping others or getting information than must put some links in your threads. But do it safely that they well not consider your threads as spam.

Being fair with your blog, Keep your forum profile complete and provide your blog name in the website field there which makes a Do-Follow backlink from your profile.

12. Keep your blog always up

Google hates those blog which are sometime available and sometime not. So always keeps your blog up. Choose best web hosting to run your business.

Advice : Always download backup of your blog twice a week.

13. Use Signatures

Using signatures in your email with your website URL also increase Page Rank. So add signatures in your email to earn a bonus while sending an email  .

12. Special Backlinks

Wikipedia Logo

Wikipedia Logo

Google loves those website which have backlinks from .Edu, .Gov and from Wikipedia. So considered these backlinks as special backlinks because it’s not easy to get backlinks from these websites.

15. Use Relavent Keywords

Always try to use relevant and commonly searched keywords. It not also boost up your traffic from Google but increase your page rank too.

16. Internal Link

Always try to link your old post in your current post. Google loves those websites who are rich with internal link building. More internal links building gives more traffic to your blog from search engines and increase Page Rank too.

17. Increase Page Load Time

Google hates those websites which open slowly. So you sould optimize MySQL tables using phpMyAdmin to increase page load time and always use optimized images.

In a mathematical equation I can say :

More Page Load Time = Less SEO Score

18. Remove Website field from Comment Box

Giving more external links than backlinks you have decreases your blog popularity, Page Rank and SEO of your blog. Whenever someone comments on your blog he puts a link in website field box to earn a backlink along with commenting on your blog. You may know some of blog which have removed website field box because they don’t want to give backlink to blogs.

Removing website field from comment box also causes decrease number of comments because 90% bloggers do comments to gain backlinks.

19. Search Google Your Website

Google Logo

Google Logo

If your blog is popular enough than it may be searched on Google even by placing the whole link. Google consider these blogs as popular blogs and give them a high Page Rank.

20. Social Media sharing

Social Media

Social Media

Share your each post to top Social Media Sharing websites like Facebook, Twitter. Make your blog page in Facebook and share your new posts there which increases interest to your blog.

Some of Social Network Sharing Websites are :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Myspace
  • Google +
  • Deviantar
  • Livejournal
  • Tagged
  • Pinterest
  • Cafemom
  • Ning
  • Meetup
  • Mylife
  • Badoo

21. Stop Palying Tricks with Google

Last thing I want to share to all my readers, Don’t try to cheat Google by playing illegal tactics, Keep in mind you may be smart person but Google is more smarter than you can ever think. Playing illegal tactics not only decrease your traffic but can also remove your URL from Google search results so be fair with your blog and NEVER try to cheat Google.

Again I say Google is more smarter than you .

When Google Updates Page Rank ?

The first question after reading the whole article was when Google Update Page Rank.

Google Re-Evaluate Page Rank after three months so we can say Page Rank is updated four time a year.

Expected dates for Page Rank update 2013

We can’t give the confirm date for Page Rank update but we can expect that on these days Page Rank will be Re-Evaluated So we predict that Page Rank will update on

28th  February, 2013 – 2nd March, 2013

3rd June, 2013 – 10th July, 2013

30th October, 2013 – 2nd November, 2013

Over To You

Which methods you are using to increase Page Rank. Share with us in comments section

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  1. Raplus

    Nice article Raja,
    I am also waiting for next PR update. I hope it will be updated middle of February.

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    i was looking for such information about page rank but never seen such details in one post thanks for this nice article Raja and keep up the good work…

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    No words to say about this post Raja. You wrote a perfect article that the every blogger should know to do better blogging. Great SEO tips, really gonna to implement these for my blogs. Thanks for sharing, keep writing.

  4. Janmejai

    My Personal experience says that the domain age never matters,I have blogs and they are years old but they have the same PR of 2.

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    After going over a few of the blog posts on
    your blog, I seriously appreciate your way of writing a blog.

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    very useful article, it helped me a lot, you have summarized all the steps in order to increase page rank

  7. Abdul Rehman

    Can’t satisfy with your tips because of the Link Exchanging techniques. I remember on the recent Matt Cutts update he Said: You can link together of your blog if the site related. But doesn’t mean to exchange links with any. I know that’s would give you the higher penalty…

  8. Michael

    Try to only get links from sites that are related to our niche. Unnatural backlinks looks suspicious to Google and you can get sand-boxed.


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