Three Important Questions You Should Ask When Blogging

By | December 26, 2012

Blogging Blogging Blogging – What’s it All About?
Blogging is a writing style that incorporates free form writing and allows individuals to discuss topics in their own way and space. It is a popular method of message delivery that enables folks to exercise their freedom of speech to the fullest and give others a platform to react and discuss their sentiments. Blogs are essentially free. And all a person has to do to own one is find a suitable site and sign up. But given this premise, it is obvious that not all of those who start a blog end up getting their thoughts read by the public. The most they can expect is being indexed by search engines for a particular category or search term. Nevertheless, with maintenance, blogs can eventually gain enough traction to push itself out of obscurity. And if things go well, it might even serve a lucrative purpose.

What is Blogging ?

What is Blogging ?

Of course, things don’t just instantly get to where they are supposed to be, especially when it comes to blogging. You will have to be strategic about what you do so you could maximize its results. Some considerations, however, may compromise your inclinations or intentions so you have to think carefully before you take the next step. The last thing you want is to do something you are not proud of or you cannot stand by on a long term basis. Blogs need at least three to six months to rank. This is a pretty long time, especially if one of the conditions you have to meet to achieve the goal within the specified time frame is to update the blog on a daily basis.

If you wish to become part of the movement, here are some of the essential questions you should ask yourself, prior, during and after the initial post:

1. What do you intend to write about?

What to Write ?

What to Write ?

This is very crucial since it would define what you will focus on for a minimum of one year. If things pan out, you may have to pursue the topic even further and dig deeper. So you should not only be comfortable with it but also interested. Expertise may be a factor for selection since it would be easier for you to write about something related to your profession or your school life; perhaps, even something you do. But you need not have to be limited to what you are exposed to. Now, that’s the practical side of it. If you are to be strategic about the intent of getting yourself out there, you have to pick topics that are popular to the public like travel, health, technology and fashion, to name a few. And then you have to set yourself apart from the rest of the blogs that serve the same niche by delivering content in a unique way. Blogs give you that opportunity since you can pretty much post anything on them – words, pictures, videos, gifs. But you should be mindful of how you come across because comprehensibility is still a determining factor for readership. After you decide what to put in your blog, stay consistent with your focus and carry that over when you are guest blogging, or submitting content for upload on other related sites you do not control. Traffic will pour in faster after and will give you a better chance at getting ahead on search engine listings.


2. How could you differentiate yourself in a way that’s still attractive to readers?

Increase Google Page Rank

You don’t just want your blog to be a face in the crowd of thousands. You want to be the first in line, the best among the rest, and of course, one of kind (even though it technically isn’t), as this would ensure more patronage. But the embellishments you put on your blog page will only take you so far on the uniqueness pole. The deciding factor would always be your writing style and your content. So make sure that you not only deliver facts and opinions, but also yourself in every post. And moreover, make sure that you have impeccable grammar so that people understand you more. One thing viewers love about blogs is they are relatable. And since every being is created uniquely, you can always count on your personal method of delivery as well as your personal perspectives to separate you from the crowd. You don’t have to talk fancy to get people to tune in and search engines to put you on a pedestal. You just have to offer something others don’t and that would reel in more visits, which could then be converted to high SERP ranking.


3. In what ways can you better the chances of your blog?

Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Rankings

Although it not standard or required, if you are that interested though in being on the top 50 or even top 10 of the search engine page results, you have to perform proper search engine optimization on your blog site. It wouldn’t hurt to put in meta-tags on it so that it can be better indexed as a whole and not just per page. You could also do social bookmarking, RSS  feeds, and maybe even advertise it on social networks so you get to put your blog in a position that would allow it to gain patronage. Don’t worry about how you can turn this activity into money because opportunities will present themselves after you push it up and gain a favorable page and Alexa rank.

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