Traffic Not Coming from Google – How to Optimize your Blog ?

By | July 15, 2012

Many of the Bloggers have a question that Traffic is not coming to their Blog especially from Google.

Well their could be number of reasons behind this :

  • Might be you stolen content from others Blog.
  • You are using a free Domain because free domains are not SEO friendly .
  • You are using a Free Hosting * It matters only when it takes too much time to open your Blog, If its open normally then its good.
  • May be you have deleted some pages and Google Bot found some 404 errors in your Blog.
  • May be your blog doesn’t have back links from other sites.
  • You are not posting your post to Social Bookmarking websites e.g Digg, StumbleUpon etc.
  • Your Poor Style of Writing a Blog Post.
  • You are posting too much Posts to your Blog.
  • Might be Your Blog have more external links than internal links.
  • You haven’t Submit your sitemap to Google , Ask and other Search Engines Webmaster Tools.
  • Your site may be removed from Google.
  • You haven’t Submit your sites to Web directories.
  • You are not using a cache Plugin due to which it takes more time to Open your Blog page.
Increase your Blog Traffic

Increase your Blog Traffic

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You are continuously posting using a bad/free Article Spinner tool.

The above mentioned can be the reason why Traffic is not coming to your Blog by Google and other search engines . There are many way to increase SEO of a website listed below :-

  • Don’t go for quantity , do quality posting without any copy paste.
  • Submit your website to number of web directories.
  • Do Guest posting to Other websites.
  • Do article submission for each article.
  • Submit each of your post to Digg, Stumble Upon Etc.
  • Use SEO Plugins to Optimize your each post.
  • Use Platinum SEO Plugin to optimize your Blog Title and Description.
  • Do comments on Others Blog *Remember to write your Website name is the URL field in the Comment Box*
  • Submit your Blogs sitemap to top Search Engines.
  • ¬†Use Social Media button Plugin to show share post options in your Blog.
  • Make Internal link of your blog , I Suggest you to use simple tags Plugin.
  • Write a Blog post with Good English and check for any mistake.
  • Regularly update your website.

May be I have missed some point , If you know any please share it using the Comment Box Below.


10 thoughts on “Traffic Not Coming from Google – How to Optimize your Blog ?

  1. Mathew

    More external than internal and choice of font O_o i dint know this

    1. Raja Tahir Qaiser Post author

      Thanks for commenting !
      Please register at Gravator .

  2. Bhavesh

    It’s really a good article,this article is really help me out …..!!!!!
    thanks for sharing ….!!!

  3. Faizan

    Well! Sometimes Google Decline your Traffic For Good Because They want to Realize you that You are Missing lot of important factor. So whenever you loose Google Traffic take it in positive manner because it is a Wake up call. Peace

  4. Qasim Zaib

    Nice tips. And I agree to the point about writing style, as it could make or break your audience and sponsors. Good work

  5. Sandeep Kumar

    Nice check list to analyze traffic issue… It’s must have to be checked to save time! .

  6. Salman Ahmad

    This is surley a great Post Raja!
    gonna implement these tips on my Blog,

  7. Nirmala

    Nice consolidation. Just am realizing my mistakes. Gonna correct now after reading this. Really a good post which would help for the newbie bloggers to get genuine traffic for their blogs.


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