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How Android Simplifies Our Life ?

People access Internet- based services using mobile devices. Moreover, the more we do in that field, the easier it becomes to build powerful mobile applications in the future. The importance of Android powered devices is rapidly growing. Actually, Android tremendously changed lives of separate individuals. Android devices are mostly being used on phones. However, there… Read More »

What Makes Android Phones Better?

What is an Android phone? Android is a Linux based operating system for smartphones designed by Android Inc. who at a later date were purchased by Google. Since then it has been developed by Google in association with the Open Handset Alliance. Android phones are different because Google constantly develops the software and gives it… Read More »

The Galaxy Tab finally available for the masses

Samsung and Apple have been legally battling each other since the South Korean company decided to release their own line of smart phones and tablets. Apple has constantly claimed that Samsung has been stealing technology from their own devices, causing them to lose presence in the market. Apple may want to take Samsung’s Galaxy off… Read More »