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A Guide to The Perfect Family Day out In London

There are a multitude of things to do and see on a family day out in London which will be both educational and entertaining. The interactive costume area at London’s Museum of Childhood affords the opportunity to see and handle costumes and props used in many family-oriented theatre productions. The Most Exclusive Shops in London… Read More »

The Most Exclusive Shops in London

If you’ve ever dreamed of winning the Lottery, chances are you’ve also considered what will be first on the shopping list. When your winning ticket finally comes up, why not start with a whistle-stop tour of London’s finest shops. Selfridges The iconic London store opened in 1909, the brainchild of American Harry Selfridge. A tireless… Read More »

Bollywood Male Actors Height and Date of Birth

You may know some popular Bollywood Male Actors but do you what’s their age ? What’s their height ? What’s their Date Of Birth ? What’s their Weight ? Salman Khan Date of Birth of Slman Khan : 27th December 1965. Height of Salman Khan : 5 Feet 8 Inches. Weight of Salman Khan :… Read More »