Social Benefits: 6 Ideas for Social Media Interns

By | October 3, 2012

College students today have been living with social media for their entire lives. Many of them can use all the social networks in their sleep, and some are using this knowledge and majoring in marketing.

Social Media

Social Media

Most schools require a college student to have an internship in order to graduate, and some companies are realizing that hiring one of these social media savvy college students is a great way to have some in-house social media management at a fraction of the cost.

If your company has recently hired a social media intern—or if you hired an intern and had no idea what tasks to give them—use the following six ideas.

1. Tutorials

It’s likely that your social media intern knows more about all the social networks than everyone at your company combined. Use this knowledge to educate others in your office. Have the intern hold tutorials to teach a group of employees about the different social networks, how each one works and how they can use it for your business.

2. Suggestions

If you just recently employed social media into your marketing strategy, or if you’re only using one social network, have the intern come up with suggestions for other social networks that your business should join. Have them create a presentation that discusses each network’s advantages and how it would benefit your business. This helps you learn about new network ideas without having to spend hours reading and comprehending multiple online articles.

3. Account Creation

If you want to join a new social network, you can put the intern in charge of setting up the account. They can not only get your company on the network, but they can also customize your setting and your page so that it mimics your brand and contains all the widgets and apps that you need.

4. Account Management

Along with creating the account, your intern can be in charge of managing your social networks. Allow them to be the voice of your brand, create posts, build your fan and follower base, engage with your fans and followers, and respond to customer inquiries.

5. Blogging

Blogging is a form of social media, and your intern can create a blogging account for you and customize the blog so that it complements your brand, and they can also write a few posts to go live on your blog. Interns can also be in charge of responding to comments on the blog to keep your readers engaged.

6. Uploading Photos/Videos

If you have videos or photos to share with your social following, your intern can be responsible for uploading and posting them to your sites. If you don’t have photos or videos to share, your intern can be responsible for taking pictures at events you host or even some “a day in the office” photos as well as shooting videos. Videos can also be used as blog posts or to share information in a more engaging way.

Having a social media intern can be a great addition to your company. If you’re lucky enough to snag one, these ideas will easily keep them busy for the duration of their internship, and you can learn something valuable in the meantime.


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